MIST Inc. (TSE: MIS), a provider of wireless technology,
applications and other information management technologies, Thursday announced it is now conducting a major pilot of the MIST Freedom II Wireless point-of-sale (POS) terminal with McDonald’s.

The MIST Freedom II pilot is being conducted in the Vivencia Restaurant franchise at the Stouffville, Ontario, Canada location. Customers can operate the portable device at both the drive-through windows and at the restaurant’s

MIST’s Freedom II terminal is an interactive, portable wireless terminal to be available at McDonald’s restaurants and
other businesses requiring portable wireless transaction capabilities.

“Quick service restaurants need a fast, convenient and secure way to offer customers as many payment options as
possible,” said Colin Glassford, operations manager, Vivencia Restaurant, of McDonald’s Corp. “With MIST’s
Wireless Freedom II, we can offer customers the fastest card payment system available to accept debit cards, all at
an affordable cost.”

“MIST’s Wireless Freedom II allows fast-food restaurants to quickly and economically support consumer use of
plastic cards for payment,” said Dave Haacke, national sales director, MIST Inc.

“Transactions at the drive-through window are for the first time being completed in the time it takes to assemble the
order. This means faster service, more satisfied customers and a more enjoyable, time-saving and convenient
experience all-around.”

The MIST Freedom II wireless device is geared to the needs of businesses such as fast-food restaurants, taxi-cabs,
and an array of other merchants. The MIST unit features an easy-to-use, intuitive display that guides consumers
through the payment process, and wireless communications for real-time transaction processing and authorization.

The portable unit allows consumers to quickly complete electronic payments at the point-of-sale, simplifies card
acceptance in restaurants and reduces transaction processing costs.

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