Viva las Mo’ Bettahs! On May 1, the growing Hawaiian-style food brand will open its third digital kitchen on the Last Vegas Strip, giving residents even more opportunities to taste its vibrant, authentic island flavors. The first Mo’ Bettahs’ digital kitchen opened in downtown Kansas City in March, and the second opened in downtown Dallas in April.

Located at 333 W. St. Louis Avenue in Las Vegas, the new digital kitchen will be a convenient spot for takeout and delivery options, as well as serve as a companion store to Mo’ Bettahs’ two traditional locations in Las Vegas.

“Mo’ Bettahs and Las Vegas have been a perfect pair from the start,” said CEO Rob Ertmann. “The stores started busy and stayed busy, and it’s clear our Las Vegas ‘ohana truly appreciates an authentic Hawaiian Plate Lunch. We’re excited to give them even more convenient options and cater to the island cravings of a busy Las Vegas Strip.”

Founded by Kimo and Kalani Mack in Bountiful, Utah, in 2008, Mo’ Bettahs’ menu features the iconic Hawaiian Plate Lunch, with items like freshly grilled teriyaki chicken and steak, kalua pig, deep-fried katsu chicken, homemade macaroni salad and steamed rice.

Systemwide, Mo’ Bettahs now has 55 locations across seven states.

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