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    Mobi Munch Food Trucks Revamp Software Systems

  • Industry News May 25, 2011

    MICROS Systems, a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, announced that Los Angeles-based Mobi Munch is incorporating MICROS’s centrally-hosted Simphony enterprise point-of-service solution into its cutting-edge “Integrated Food Truck Technology Suite” that is installed in every Mobi Munch mobile food venue.

    This integrated solution will provide truck owners with a comprehensive enterprise-management system for top-of-the-line ordering, payment, marketing, and even social networking solutions.
    Mobile food trucks are quickly becoming the hottest trend in the restaurant industry, with new trucks being deployed currently on the road for business in cities all over the U.S. The street-food genre has always existed but is undergoing a refreshing change with the assistance of Mobi Munch. Mobi Munch food trucks offer its customers unique, often gourmet foods, at a very affordable price and with very quick service.
    “We partnered with MICROS for its market leadership, as well as its leading edge technology platforms. MICROS Simphony is an ideal solution to meet the very specific needs of a food truck,” says Josh Tang, CEO, Mobi Munch. “As food trucks proliferate into the mainstream, we anticipate the unique advantages of having centralized, accurate, and up-to-date information on daily sales, service locations, and sales taxes to be critical to the success of our operators.”
    “We are pleased to be selected by Mobi Munch for their innovative mobile food platform,” says Ed Chapel, SVP, North America Distribution, MICROS Systems. “The uniting of MICROS Simphony’s centrally-hosted, multifaceted capabilities with Mobi Munch’s Integrated Food Truck Technology Suite provides Mobi Munch a solid, dependable point-of-service solution for its mobile environment.”
    Mobi Munch, founded in 2009 by a group of entrepreneurs and restaurateurs, “is the nation’s first turnkey mobile foodservice platform“ that aspires to unite mobile food truck owners all over the country, as well as assist entrepreneurs in breaking into the mobile cuisine industry. Mobi Munch designs and builds customized trucks, outfits them with their Next-Generation Integrated Food Truck Technology Suite, wraps them in advertising, and links the business owners with suppliers, logistic facilities, and other truck owners. Their website also creates an online community of truck owners and customers alike, utilizing social media to connect truck owners with other truck owners, truck owners to customers, as well as customers to other customers.
    The company “aspires to create and nurture a world of widely accessible mobile cuisine, where high-quality, yet affordable meals are conveniently created and consumed curbside and where fun, interactive dining experiences spark meaningful online and offline community building.“