Tetherball, an mobile loyalty and rewards solutions, announced it has teamed with ViVOtech, the provider of Near Field Communications (NFC) mobile phone payments, to offer RFID-based mobile-loyalty programs to existing users of ViVOtech’s contactless reader technology.

“We are delighted to team with ViVOtech, a clear market leader in contactless and mobile technologies, which will allow brands to rapidly deploy and scale our RFID based mobile loyalty programs,” says Jay Highley, president and COO of Tetherball.

“For the 140,000 merchant locations in the United States that have deployed close to 500,000 of ViVOtech’s contactless readers in total, adoption of mobile loyalty programs is easier than ever.”

According to Highley, “Brands are looking to deploy a simple, easy-to-adopt mobile solution that allows them to build and measure their mobile loyalty programs.”

The first step is getting in-store customers engaged to sign up for mobile-loyalty rewards programs offering promotional discounts and rewards points for purchases or visits.

Upon joining, customers are given a Tetherball Tag powered by ViVOtech technology, a tiny RFID chip that is easily affixed to their mobile phones, which uniquely identifies them. Operators are then able to send offers to their customers via standard text messaging. Offers are redeemed electronically using existing in‐store contactless point-of-sale terminals or stand‐alone contactless kiosks provided by Tetherball.

“This alliance bodes well for Tetherball, ViVOtech, and the mobile marketing industry as a whole,” says Mohammad Khan, President and Founder of ViVOtech Inc. “Tetherball’s solution, combined with our mobile contactless technology for existing handsets, paves the way for brands to quickly and efficiently add mobile loyalty to their marketing mix.”