SoftTouch incorporated significant enhancements to its newest solution, DineBlast Mobile, which allows take-out, curb-side, quick-service restaurant, and table-service patrons to use their mobile phones and PDAs to electronically place an order and pay for their meal while at the restaurant. DineBlast Mobile enables line-busting, in which customers can bypass long lines and tedious checkouts. Along with this new service upgrade, Froots Smoothies will be rolling out the technology in 10 locations across the country with plans to deploy at more than 40 locations in 2009.

“The goal of DineBlast Mobile is to truly strengthen the diner experience and help restaurant owners keep up with customer demand,” says Michael Paycher, SoftTouch.

DineBlast Mobile will enable Froots customers to connect their smart phone or laptop to the DineBlast Mobile Wi-Fi network and instantly route to an order selection screen, where a fully interactive menu allows the customer to:

* Enhance Table Service – unlike traditional quick-service restaurants, patrons can order food directly from their table instead of having to wait in line.

* Place orders to-go – with curbside ordering, users are a few clicks from receiving their meal without ever leaving the car.

* Place “My Favorite Orders” – users can save their favorite or most repeated orders for quick ordering and pick up. Now with one-touch ordering, a morning or lunch ritual can be completed even faster!

* Provide Customer Crucial Feedback – users have the ability to complete customer feedback surveys in order to provide restaurants with valuable diner experiences.

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