Modern Market, a rapidly growing eatery that serves healthy, scratch made fare, now serves conscientiously farmed Atlantic salmon from Verlasso. While there has been controversy surrounding farm raised salmon, advancements in technology and Verlasso’s farming techniques make it clear this fish can swim with the best.

The salmon are raised in the pollutant-free waters of Chilean Patagonia where there is very little industrial development. Not to mention, the fish have a lot of room to grow, with fewer than three salmon per ton of water.

Hormone and antibiotic-free, the salmon grow to harvest size over a period of approximately two years. Their beautiful orange color comes from natural feed components similar to what salmon eat in the wild. Additionally, Verlasso never uses preventative antibiotics. Their salmon is antibiotic-free at harvest and only treated with antibiotics when they’re sick, never routinely. It is also an excellent source of protein and omega-3s.

“Responsible aquaculture has a very bright future and will impact the world in countless positive ways,” says Chris Cummings, Verlasso Regional Sales Manager. “Modern Market’s commitment to support aquaculture will go a long way. Their customers will benefit from a protein that is not only delicious, but is helping pave the way for the industry to become more accepting of farm raised salmon.”

Catch this new protein at Modern Market along with their new fall/winter menu:

  • Curry Salmon Bowl (warm heirloom rice, braised kale, coconut sweet potato curry, sustainable salmon, toasted coconut, green onion)
  • Truffled Potato Pizza (creme fraiche, fire-roasted fingerling potato, wilted leek, three cheese blend, black truffle oil, Grana Padano, green onion)
  • SUPERduperFOOD Salad (baby greens, quinoa pilaf, Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Hemp Granola, seasonal fruit, golden raisin, carrot, almond, raspberry chia dressing)
  • BBQ Pork Sandwich (humanely-raised Berkshire pulled pork, spicy BBQ sauce, Brussels & jicama slaw, green apple on brioche)
  • Sustainable Salmon Homestyle Plate (sustainably-raised, antibiotic-free Atlantic salmon, chimichurri, lemon)

Modern Market is committed to The Real Food Movement, taking a holistic approach to food and health, with a focus on healthy-for-everyone food. From special dietary restrictions to absolutely no restrictions, Modern Market can feed anyone looking for fresh, whole foods that taste amazing. By making food from scratch, Modern Market avoids added sugar and bad fats, and through attention to sourcing, they rule out chemicals and dangerous ingredients no one can pronounce. All Modern Market entrees cost around $10.

Fast food can be good food. That idea led to the creation of Modern Market in Boulder, Colorado, in 2009. It took two people with zero restaurant experience to figure out that you could serve healthy, scratch-­made fare for reasonable prices in a beautiful environment. Breakfast, lunch and dinner rule the day at Modern Market with a broad menu of farm-to-table food that tastes even better than it looks.

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