Modern Market releases a new breakfast lineup, including egg sandwiches, burritos, avocado toasts, oatmeals and egg bowls nationwide on September 15. To improve efficiency in the kitchen, create more on-the-go options and offer a more modern spin on breakfast, Chef Nate Weir, director of culinary, and Chef Josh Chesterson, creative culinary director, worked together for more than a year to craft the perfect breakfast lineup.

The restaurant’s new breakfast menu is filled with fresh, scratch-made fare to fuel the day. Modern Market also introduces the jammy egg, a soft-boiled egg with a perfectly golden yolk, found in the Sunrise Bowl or available alongside avocado toast.

“The new breakfast is filling, it’s prepared fast and it makes you feel good. That’s what the rest of our menu is about, so that’s what breakfast should be,” says Chef Nate.

“Just like the name of our company, Modern Market, this is a modern version of breakfast,” adds Chef Josh. Modern Market is excited to introduce Everything Avo Toast, a twist on the traditional everything bagel with lox, as well as burritos with green chili, which is incredibly popular in Colorado.

New Breakfast Menu

  • Egg Sandwiches: all-natural proteins and scratch-made sauces on toasted buttery brioche buns.

Try The Rocket Sandwich: cage-free fried eggs, provolone, tomato, arugula, basil aioli on brioche

  • Burritos: protein-packed burritos two ways feature local tortillas and bold potatoes.

Try the Colorado Burrito: cage-free scrambled eggs, Colorado green chili, roasted potato, pepper jack, tortilla, salsa

  • Oatmeals: heart-healthy steel cut oats lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup.

Try the Super Berry Oatmeal: steel cut oats, blueberry chia jam, Purely Elizabeth blueberry hemp superfood granola, toasted coconut

  • Avocado Toasts: fresh multigrain toast (sourdough toast in Texas locations) and perfectly seasoned avocado.

Try the Everything Avo Toast: fresh avocado, toast, smoked salmon, cream, red onion, fresh dill, everything spice

  • Egg Bowls: thoughtfully sourced ingredients from all-natural proteins to scrambled or jammy eggs.

Try the Sunrise Bowl: cage-free jammy eggs, avocado, dressed baby greens, Tender Belly dry rubbed bacon, roasted tomato, almond, toast

The restaurant began testing the alternate breakfast menu in September 2017 at its Boulder, Colo. location during a chef takeover event. Learning from insight gained at the event, testing continued at the 16th Street restaurant in Denver and its newest locations in Columbia, Md., Austin, Texas and Scottsdale, Ariz.

The previous menu, which featured plates and scrambles, was outdated for the demands of busy guests and labor intensive often resulting in long ticket times. Alternatively, the new menu requires less prep and is easier for guests to grab and go.

Modern Market’s ingredients are pure, simple and grown to make you feel good. Their fresh and vibrant dishes are passionately crafted from scratch, and they serve it all up in an electric atmosphere mixing the energy of a local market with a modern eatery while delivering amazing fare that will move you forward.

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