Modern Market Eatery launched its new Chef’s Picks March 27. The lineup includes a Mediterranean-inspired steak bowl, a seasonal veggie medley featuring asparagus, and the introduction of all-day breakfast items, including flavorful avocado toasts and a dessert waffle served with housemade jam.

“The Mediterranean Bowl is inspired by classic ingredients and flavors of the Mediterranean, like olives, tomatoes, feta cheese and Greek yogurt,” says Chef Nate, director of culinary. “But the most exciting part of this dish is our new 100 percent grass fed steak. Not only is it delicious, it’s better for us and the environment.”

The single-source, Halal-certified cattle live on the free range and enjoy wide-open pastures, grazing in communal groups on their natural food: grass. Raising cattle in this setting creates beef that’s high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 and has higher protein and fewer calories than corn and soy-fed beef. Grass-fed farms regularly move animals to graze on fresh pasture, which spreads manure to improve soil quality. The practice also helps reduce erosion and water pollution.

It took more than a year for Modern Market Eatery to find the right product, and the company tested it in its Boulder location for six months before rolling it out nationwide. Serving high quality, better-for-you beef is a priority of Modern Market Eatery, which is evident in this new ingredient.

With 49 grams of protein and a new herb yogurt dressing made with nonfat Greek yogurt, the bowl is both filling and satisfying. Chef Josh Chesterson, creative culinary director, recommends using the fresh herb-filled yogurt as a salad dressing.

To round out their menu of fresh salads, toasted sandwiches, grain bowls, hand carved plates and brick oven pizzas, the restaurant is introducing all-day breakfast menu offerings: avocado toast on sourdough bread and a Liège-style Belgian waffle. The addition is a result of overwhelming demand from guests to make them available all day.

New Chef’s Picks

  • Mediterranean Bowl: 100 percent grass fed steak, warm heirloom rice, quinoa pilaf, red onion, cucumber, Kalamata olive, romaine, feta, herb yogurt, dill
  • Seasonal Fire Roasted Veggies: asparagus, fire roasted broccoli, cauliflower, radish, carrots
  • Modern Avo Toast: fresh avocado, sourdough toast, chili spice, green onion
  • Everything Avo Toast: fresh avocado, sourdough toast, smoked salmon, cream, red onion, fresh dill, everything spice
  • Pearl Sugar Waffle: blueberry chia jam, Belgian dessert waffle, powdered sugar


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