In the sign industry, there’s a group known as the Letterheads —
the old-school guys who paint signs by hand. They are truly the artists
of their industry. One aspect of the craft is hand-painted window
signs, which can be breathtaking to see and quite effective in
increasing business. When it comes to this type of marketing for a
chain, though, there’s a problem: You can’t replicate a sign like this
on a widescale basis.

G.A. Beck, a firm located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, has addressed
this problem with what is essentially a modernization of the old-
fashioned window sign. Its High-Impact Window Ads combine equal parts
artistic skill with enough high-tech innovation, particularly in its
Slow Fade signs, to create really quite attractive window graphics
that can be produced on a mass basis.

According to Gene Beck, one of the biggest pluses of their product
is the fact that the graphics don’t “turn to mush” for passing traffic.
The company is so confident, in fact, that it offers a money-back
guarantee for qualified clients. For more information, call 770-339-