Modmarket, the Colorado-based farm-fresh eatery, announced its has switched to Creekstone Farms Natural Black Angus beef. The concept’s three standard steak menu items—Flatiron salad, Chipotle Steak sandwich, and Steak Homestyle Plate—now include the new beef.

Creekstone Farms’ commitment to quality ensures their beef contains no antibiotics, added hormones, growth-promoting drugs, or artificial ingredients. Cattle are fed a vegetarian diet, and beef is source-verified to ranch of birth and humanely raised and processed. Creekstone Farms’ processing plant was designed by animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin.

“The only reason we are able to consume so much beef in this country is because the cost is kept low due to unsustainable and inhumane farming practices,” says Modmarket co-founder Anthony Pigliacampo. “We do not want to further support this cycle, even if it means losing customers because our beef menu items are more expensive than at other restaurants. Our solution to the problem of expensive beef is to eat less of it. We would much rather have the highest quality beef once a week than a low quality product every day.”