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    Moe's Adds Pork to Protein Options

  • Industry News September 3, 2008
    Grain-fed pulled pork is joining marinated grilled chicken, steak, tofu, ground beef and fish to become the sixth protein option at Moe’s Southwest Grill. The new pulled pork is now a permanent item on the menu and is available at all Moe’s locations nationwide.

    Although it is called “pulled” pork, there is no pulling necessary. After cooking eight to ten hours, the product is so tender it easily falls apart with a fork. Knowing that quality and flavor are important to Moe’s consumers, Moe’s wanted to introduce a high quality grain-fed product prepared in a green chile marinade. Green chiles, being indigenous to the southwest, are an ideal flavor profile to introduce.

    “After one and a half years of researching, testing and perfecting the new pulled pork, we feel confident that our pork is an incredible product,” says Daniel Barash, director of research and development for Moe’s. “In fact, customers who tried the pork during a market test rated it high in flavor, appearance, moisture, and value.”

    Although the pork is featured in Moe’s famous Homewrecker burrito in advertisements, it can be added to any menu item.