Moe’s Southwest Grill on Tuesday launched a new, limited time BBQ burrito and bowl featuring seasoned rice, pinto beans, your choice of protein, sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, and fresh, crisp Southwest slaw – available now until July 13 only.

While it’s no secret that summer 2020 is looking different than years past and, depending where you live, some quintessential seasonal activities – like backyard BBQs – may not be in the cards. But whether outdoor grilling is out of reach or you just prefer a more intimate dining experience, Moe’s is bringing the perfect summer BBQ to YOU (no grill required) thanks to this new meal offering … and a little help from a curated BBQ-themed kit packed full with everything you need to create a special BBQ party at home.

The kits, exclusively available through a social media giveaway, include *drumroll please a perfectly smol picnic table to enjoy your burrito on – made by the viral “Squirrel Table Lady” herself, Maria Trezza (squirrel not included). Also in the kit is a link to Moe’s ultimate BBQ playlist to create the ambience as if you were outdoors at a BBQ gathering (only now you can eat inside with the AC and no mosquitoes!), a “wearable napkin” to enjoy your ‘rito mess-free, and a $25 gift card to order the BBQ burrito.  

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