Less than eight years ago Moe’s Southwest Grill opened its doors and “Welcome to Moe’s” was heard for the very first time. On August 28 the concept will open its 400th location in Plant City, Florida.

The aggressive growth plan that includes opening 52 locations this year is a result of the Strategic Integrated Mapping and Modeling System (SIMMS) that helps Moe’s identify the markets with the greatest potential for success.

“The 400th location marks our entry into the big leagues,” says Paul Damico, president of Moe’s Southwest Grill. “The cost of entry to play with the larger chains includes proficiencies in areas like real estate, marketing, operational support and research, and development.”

Located at 2304 James Redman Pkwy, the Plant City Moe’s will be the seventh location for local owner operator Tony Friel. There are plans to open three more locations in South Florida this year and a total of 15 over the next five years.

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