Money Mailer Starts New Marketing Division

    Industry News | June 26, 2008
    Steven Gray, chief operating officer of Money Mailer, a veteran leader in the $62 billion direct marketing industry with three decades of experience, has announced the emergence of the company’s new Money Mailer Direct Marketing Division. With the new division, Money Mailer is at the forefront of providing full-service integrated direct marketing solutions locally, regionally, and nationally to companies operating in the food and restaurant chain industries.

    Money Mailer Direct Marketing partners with food and restaurant chain clients to provide integrated direct marketing to highly targeted audiences, all backed by state-of-the-art analytics.

    “Our innovative service and product offerings are all geared towards making it easier for food and restaurant chain industry clients to connect with customers and prospects today,” Gray says. “Consumers are becoming more selective about how they want to be reached and what they are willing to read, listen, or watch. Our unique, integrated shared mail, one-to-one and interactive solutions give us the ability to fine tune our clients’ return on their marketing investment by pinpointing customer audiences,” Gray adds.

    To reinforce the new division’s strategic focus on creating and executing effective national direct marketing campaigns for companies in the food and restaurant chain industry, Money Mailer Direct Marketing has recently made significant investments in three major analytic areas: tools, data, and leadership. The investment provides food and restaurant customers with enhanced demographic, psychographic, consumer expenditure, market potential, trade area, ZIP code penetration, and lifestyle segmentation analyses. With advanced statistical forecasting and predictive modeling, clients will have an outline for the potential success of their campaigns. The analytics team at Money Mailer Direct Marketing has also developed the m5 media mix model to analyze the combination of all media used by a client (such as television, radio, the internet, and print) to determine the perfect advertising mix.

    “We are going full throttle with Money Mailer Direct Marketing’s new suite of analytical and integrated marketing solutions designed specifically for our food and restaurant industry customers—new and existing,” Gray says. “We will provide our clients with greater precision in all facets of their direct marketing campaigns all aimed at providing a solid return on investment.”

    Money Mailer’s three decades of experience in shared mail underscores the company’s experience working with companies in the food and restaurant chain industry. Today, it reaches more than 22 million U.S. households. Money Mailer Direct Marketing benefits from this deep knowledge and is now leveraging its know-how to provide integrated solutions, ranging from one-to-one direct mail to interactive and mobile phone advertising that are capable of accurately targeting every household in the U.S.

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