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    MonkeyMedia Grows Catering Sales for Press'd

  • Industry News December 4, 2013

    MonkeyMedia Software, a provider of turnkey catering software solutions for multiunit restaurant operators, announced a new agreement with Edmonton, Alberta–based Press'd the Sandwich Company for MonkeyCatering and MonkeyOnlineOrdering. 

    Press'd will deploy MonkeyCatering as a technology tool to support its existing restaurant catering strategy, rolling out the software solution across its seven locations. MonkeyCatering will allow all Press’d locations to better manage catering sales, order entry, billing, payments and collections, production, order fulfillment, and order distribution.

    Additionally, Press'd will launch MonkeyOnlineOrdering to give customers 24-hour web-access to Press'd Catering’s products and services as well as better connect the catering consumer with Press'd catering specialists and managers who will have access to a CRM back-end tool that will give them the ability to manage both take-out and catering operations.

    "The ability for customers to place catering orders and access information such as credit cards on file and previous orders made online is invaluable to us. It not only provides our customers with the flexibility and efficiency of an online service, but also diminishes our administrative requirements corporately as we have a centrally managed catering operation, across all our restaurants" says Press'd co-founder Scott Gordon. "Beyond the online interface with customers, the system overall is very user-friendly, and from a franchisee perspective, the catering store operations module is very simple. The order acceptance set up works efficiently each and every day, and our franchisees are very happy with the new software."

    Press'd launched its catering program in 2010 and started to work with MonkeyMedia Software in September 2013.

    "Through the use of MonkeyCatering and MonkeyOnlineOrdering, Press'd will be able to drive up year-over-year catering revenue by as much as 20 percent," says Erle Dardick, CEO and founder of MonkeyMedia Software. "With consumers increased appetite for restaurant meals off-premise, the opportunities a solid catering program can provide further enable restaurant operators to increase sales by feeding their customers where they live, work, and play."


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