MonkeyMedia Software, today announced the launch of their MonkeyCatering Application Programming Interface (API).

The API will allow third party, online ordering and order capture frontends to integrate directly with MonkeyCatering, MonkeyMedia Software’s enterprise solution focused on catering operations.

The API will provide operators the flexibility to maintain relationships with their existing order capture providers while engaging MonkeyMedia Software to manage their catering strategy and operations.

“Online ordering systems as well as other order capture frontends, including mobile and Facebook apps, have become very popular,” says Mo Asgari, COO and Director of Technology, MonkeyMedia Software.

MonkeyMedia Software offers an online ordering solution, MonkeyOnlineOrdering, as part of their software services. However, they recognize that there are many other online ordering and order capture services available.

“We believe that the choice of an order capture provider should not dictate whether or not a multi-unit restaurant operator should be able to benefit from an enterprise solution such as MonkeyCatering. Now, any order capture channel a multi-unit restaurant operator chooses will be able to send orders into MonkeyCatering.”

The creation of the API was driven by one of MonkeyMedia Software’s core values – adding value to the multi-unit restaurant community.

“We wanted to provide a barrier free environment based on openness and flexibility,” Asgari says.

“MonkeyCatering has become the gold standard for managing catering operations and we believe it should be accessible to everyone regardless of how the order is captured.”

Just as widespread adoption of the drive thru produced unseen growth in the industry in the 1970s, catering is now poised to offer similar tremendous growth potential over the next decade.

MonkeyMedia Software specializes in flexible, scalable solutions that fit into the managerial design of both corporate and franchise stores. Their success has been driven by a commitment to technological advancement while providing a product that is easy to use.

Over the next ten years the catering revenue stream will be the difference between those companies that experience tremendous growth and those that stagnate. The introduction of this new API will allow more multi-unit restaurant operators than ever to take advantage of this growth potential.

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