Mood Media announced a partnership with Lightspeed, a one-stop commerce platform for merchants around the world to simplify, scale and create exceptional customer experiences, to provide Lightspeed customers with a powerful, integrated digital menu board POS solution.

Small and mid-sized restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops can now use Lightspeed’s advanced POS platform with Mood Media digital menu boards to manage menu items as well as automatically update and display daily specials, pricing, product descriptions, nutritional details, promotions, etc. in real time.

The integration is powered by Mood Media’s proprietary, mobile-friendly content management system called Mood Harmony. The Harmony CMS is an all-in-one, centralized, audio and visual solution that lets businesses manage all content across multiple media devices in multiple locations with complete control and consistency across their entire footprint.

“We continue to evolve Mood Harmony and enhance integration capabilities to help augment other leading providers’ solutions in the restaurant, retail, grocery, hospitality, healthcare, financial and automotive categories,” says Trey Courtney, Mood Media’s Global Chief Product and Partnerships Officer. “It’s an honor to partner with a company like Lightspeed that’s making a real and meaningful difference to businesses around the world.”

By integrating Mood Harmony and digital menu boards with Lightspeed POS, a restaurant owner, for example, can change the price of a burger and have that new pricing automatically appear on the restaurant’s digital menu boards within seconds. Beyond restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops, any merchant who uses digital screens to display store offerings can benefit from the integrated solution.

“We chose Mood Media as our integration partner in part because of their market-leading Harmony platform,” adds Rose Francois, Lightspeed’s Senior Director , Global Product Partnerships & Strategy (Hospitality). “When coupled with our best-in-class and highly adaptable point of sale system, we see a great opportunity to add even more value to our restaurant and retail customers.”

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