Industry News | May 24, 2012

Mooyah Franchisee Opens Second Unit in Plano, Texas

Barry Newberg is a man who loves his MOOYAH, and his journey with the brand has been full of landmarks. Five years ago, Newberg opened the first MOOYAH in history to an eager crowd waiting for better burgers. Since then, he’s been among the top five franchise performers and beaten his year over year sales almost every year.

On May 28, Newberg will hit another milestone when he opens his second MOOYAH restaurant at 7000 Independence Parkway in Plano, Texas, at the northeast corner of Independence Parkway and Legacy Drive.

The newest restaurant, like MOOYAH’s freshest quality food, is a feast for the eyes that was built from scratch with love. The brand’s recent redesign reflects MOOYAH’s continuing commitment to fun, comfort, community, and goodness. It also gives diners a peek into the magic with bar stools overlooking the cook line and a display window into the kitchen, where MOOYAH’s fries undergo a 24-hour preparation process.

The restaurant also has a massive chalkboard for kids, the newest iteration of the brand’s popular Moodle Doodle boards, drop pendant lighting that shows off an exposed ceiling, and vibrant green air ducts. Diners can enjoy the scenery, and MOOYAH’s custom burgers, in booths or at larger community tables.

“In the last five years since I opened the first MOOYAH, I’ve raised two daughters, become even more involved in the community, and seen our first teenage customers and staff go off to college and graduate,” Newberg says. “We’ve raised and invested in MOOYAH just like it was a child and seen it grow from something only few knew of to a nationally known brand. Opening a second restaurant in the Plano market is extremely gratifying.”

Newberg started the first MOOYAH five years ago in partnership with friend and co-founder Rich Hicks, who he worked with at the nationwide burrito chain Tin Star. Today, MOOYAH has 34 restaurants in six states with 11 new locations opening soon.

With his second restaurant, he plans to continue his philosophy of skipping expensive ad campaigns in favor of philanthropy.

Newberg is well known in the community for hosting regular school spirit and charitable fundraising nights, even staying open late on game nights so team players and their families can grab a bite to eat together. He estimates more than $40,000 in restaurant donations have gone to local schools, churches, and charities since his first Plano location opened.

“When it’s your restaurant, every detail matters because it’s all part of the experience,” Newberg says.

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