Mooyah delivers great burgers, fries, and shakes. But, just because the brand knows burgers doesn’t mean they forget about vegetables.


The latest franchisee, who obliterated opening week sales records at his Deer Park location on 3717 Center Street, is living proof. Though he’s a burger lover, Brij Agrawal has never tasted meat.


I have never had any meat, of any kind, anywhere,” says Agrawal.


Vegetarians have such limited choices at burger places, and that kind of makes them not want to visit. But at Mooyah, every product is of the highest quality and tastes fantastic. Speaking as a vegetarian, no other burger place can compare.”


Agrawal loves the brand’s famous french fries, which are prepared in a six-step process that takes 24 hours, constant attention, and a little magic to transform fresh (never frozen) potatoes into made-to-order French fries.


Since Mooyah is proud to show off its kitchen, guests can even watch the magic happen.


Because Agrawal could only try the veggie burger, he brought his friends into various restaurant locations to get their take when he was considering new restaurant options.


My friends liked the burger and atmosphere of Mooyah best. There was no contest,” he says.


He signed up to open a new restaurant in Deer Park and also purchased three existing Houston locations in Katy, Webster, and Pearland.


We’re glad to serve such an outstanding, friendly community,” says Agrawal.


We are grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received and look forward to providing locals of all ages a fun environment with great food, just the way they like it!”


Like most Mooyah restaurants, Deer Park has already become heavily involved with the community. Spirit nights and fundraisers are in the works for everything from schools to aquatic teams to little league.


Mooyah restaurants are successful, says brand president Alan Hixon, because of the casual dining approach in a fast casual environment and customized food appeals to everyone.


Our food is the highest quality and is always real, fresh, and fun,” says Hixon.


At Mooyah, there are literally a million ways to love your burger.”


Grilled burger choices include fresh never-frozen 100% lean American beef, Jennie-O turkey, or veggie patties and come with a choice of nine sauces and unlimited veggies.


Freshly baked buns come hot from the oven throughout the day, or guests can skip the bread and relish in an Iceburger wrapped in hand-leafed lettuce.


Drinks are top shelf and poured over pellet ice. Each beverage is specially chosen for its strong flavor profile and natural ingredients.


Craft teas are brewed on site throughout the day from the best tea leaves available.


Guests looking for the best compliment to complete the perfect American meal can indulge in a vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or Oreo shake. The thick, frosty, hand-crafted milkshakes are made to order by hand from real ice cream to deliver a smooth, creamy taste.


I chose to open a Mooyah because I connected with the brand,” says Agrawal.


This is a hometown-style franchise where everyone can feel genuinely welcome and comfortable. People come as they are and enjoy their favorite foods the way they like them best.”


Ranked #1 in Fast Casual’s “2009 Top 100 Movers and Shakers,” Mooyah, the popular Frisco, Texas based company, Mooyah began franchising in 2007.

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