Industry News | September 20, 2013

Mooyah Teams Up With Wireless Ronin In UAE

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Wireless Ronin Technologies, a digital marketing technologies solutions provider, has entered into an agreement with MENAFEX to install its digital marketing solutions at a Mooyah franchise location in Dubai.

The installation was completed for the Ibn Battuta Mall location, one of four new country launches planned for Mooyah in the Middle East before year-end.

The Ibn Battuta Mall restaurant is the first of at least 10 restaurants to be owned and operated by UAE-based AWGAL Investments, which has entered into a multiunit development agreement with MENAFEX, Mooyah’s international development partner for the UAE.

The unique deployment featured two bilingual menuboards and two integrated promotional boards, as well as custom radio integration via Mooyah Radio, powered by Wireless Ronin’s partner Custom Channels.

The promotional boards are integrated with the Custom Channels music service to show a “now playing” feature, which displays information about the music being played, including artist, song title, and album. Wireless Ronin will provide ongoing hosting and maintenance services.

“This installation marks our 11th deployment in the Middle East region and represents a tremendous opportunity for further international expansion,” says Scott Koller, Wireless Ronin’s president and CEO. “We were able to create a truly customized in-store experience, which should ultimately increase customer engagement and sales for the franchisee. The success of our installations at U.S. Mooyah locations over the past three years was a key driver in establishing our new business relationship with MENAFEX.”

Stephen Getty, MENAFEX president and CEO, adds, “We are excited about our partnership with Wireless Ronin, as it allows us to bring a unified technology solution to our international Mooyah development partners, as well as the other strategic brands for which we hold master franchise rights.

“We believe that Wireless Ronin has the adaptive content capability and distributed presence needed to rapidly deploy new marketing and promotional opportunities to our country and brand partners,” Getty says. “Having piloted the integrated model of WRT and Custom Channels technologies, we are confident the implementation can be supported across hundreds of additional stores, while increasing the opportunities for guest engagement through WRT supported social media marketing solutions.”

Koller says, “We believe this will be the first of many installations throughout the Middle East, as both restaurants and retailers look to differentiate themselves among competitors. We seek to provide the highest-quality digital marketing solutions in the market, and we remain optimistic about future deployments in our growing pipeline, both domestically and internationally.” 

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