Industry News | March 11, 2011

More California Stores Signed Up for Saladworks

Saladworks announced an agreement with a multiunit developer for three locations in the Orange County, California, area. The first store of this new agreement is slated to open in at the end of 2011.

In 2010, Saladworks signed two separate deals for a total of 11 stores in Orange County. The first location from this agreement is set to open in Costa Mesa, California, on April 1. It was after reading about this planned expansion in her area that new franchisee, Karen Weber, decided it was time to get on board. Weber’s agreement marks a total of 14 locations planned for this area.

“When I read about the first set of stores coming to California I thought, ‘this is me,’” Weber says. “I was looking into a lot of different concepts at the time, but I couldn’t get behind them. I couldn’t get involved with a franchise that didn’t provide healthy food to its customers. To me, Saladworks was the perfect fit.”

Weber is one of many franchisees outside of the concept’s core market that have signed on to be a part of Saladworks’ recent turbo-charged growth. Locations in brand new markets including Knoxville, Tennessee, and Durham, North Carolina, have opened within the last six months, with openings in California, Texas, and Maryland on the way.

“Not only do I believe in the concept, but I stand behind the way Saladworks does business. Before I chose to get involved with Saladworks, I spoke with many other franchisees and heard a great deal praise on how much support they receive,” Weber says.

“This agreement practically sells out Orange County, and is just the beginning of Saladworks’ west coast expansion,” says founder and CEO John Scardapane. “Our Orange County franchisees, like Karen Weber, are seeing this development to fruition, and are truly an integral part of our growth.”


FYI, not sure if saladworks is a direct competitor of Garden Fresh.

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