Organic Alliance Inc. highlighted a new study released at the Healthy Foods International Exposition and Conference which indicated that more consumers than ever before are turning to healthy and organic foods. This comes at a time when US Consumer Confidence readings are reaching historic lows.

The study–which solicited feedback from the industry and from more than 1,000 consumers in November 2007 and again in May 2008–found that respondents indicated they were spending approximately 7.7 percent more on healthy foods in May than they did in November–$191.45 per household per month, compared with $177.69. “This appears to be both an acceptance of actual inflation in organic food prices and a deepening desire to find alternatives to conventionally produced goods,” the study notes. The survey indicated that 97.7 percent of respondents spent a portion of their grocery budgets on healthy foods in May, up from 96.5 percent in November.

“The study supports what we are hearing from the major food companies,” says Tom Morrison, Organic Alliance CEO. “Today’s consumer is highly motivated to consume healthy, organic foods and will pay the premium for the inherent benefits,” Morrison says. “Organic Alliance is prepared to help the food manufacturers and retailers meet this demand through our existing and future global organic strategic sourcing arrangements,” Morrison states.