Industry News | December 27, 2012

Mowi Wowi Franchisee Focuses on Environment, Sustainability

A Maui Wowi Hawaiian franchisee in Wimberly, Texas, has recently put sustainability at the forefront of her daily operations. Through her composting program, nothing goes to waste, and the local community benefits with beautiful gardens to enjoy all year long.

"Whether it's at an event or our store location, we always save the used coffee grounds and banana peels so that people who would like to use them as compost can easily come by and pick them up," says franchisee DuAnne Redus.

Maui Wowi smoothies are each made using a fresh banana combined with an all-natural fruit puree, quickly accumulating peels that would otherwise go to waste. Instead of tossing them, Redus says she packs up five-gallon buckets full of banana peels, as well as any leftover coffee grounds from her daily Hawaiian roasts.

Local members of the Wimberley community drop by her Maui Wowi store to haul away approximately 20 pounds per week of compost that is then used in community gardens and farms throughout the area.

Maui Wowi Hawaiian has been serving healthy fresh-fruit smoothies for 30 years and introduced fresh-brewed Hawaiian coffee and espresso in 2002.

The company promotes environmental awareness and sustainability, as well as the philanthropic efforts of its franchisees. The No-Work Fundraising program helps to connect organizations with local franchisees in order to raise money for good causes and unite communities through a common goal.

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