is bringing a first-of-its-kind mobile shopping and ordering experience to SXSW 2023 with OnMyWay Commerce, an in-car feature that allows travelers to find and order food, groceries and everyday essentials directly from the dashboard of connected vehicles. Select Chrysler Pacificas from industry-leading automaker Stellantis will be on-location at SXSW to showcase the feature, offering attendees a first-hand look at the future of curated, on-the-go commerce. Popular virtual restaurant brand MrBeast Burger will also make its debut in the OnMyWay Mobile Retail Marketplace, allowing hungry customers to seamlessly order and pick up their favorite burgers and menu items, all from the driver’s seat.

As curbside pickup activity sees a resurgence in the wake of COVID’s delivery boom, retailers and restaurants are facing new opportunities to strengthen their customer relationships through customized and convenient e-commerce offerings. With MAVI OnMyWay Commerce, these on-demand pre-purchase and pickup options are now available from the comfort of the car. OnMyWay connects a vehicle’s dashboard interface directly to the e-commerce platforms of the retailers in its Marketplace, and uses location services to assess nearby inventories and prep times, offer purchase recommendations and driving routes, place orders, execute payments and coordinate timely pickup. Drivers can communicate with OnMyWay through voice commands for convenient, hands-free shopping, or use the touchscreen for passenger-assisted ordering.

“While connected car dashboards have long enabled hands-free messaging or navigation assistance, drivers are still left fumbling for their phones and their maps to order a quick coffee or snack on the road,” says CEO & Founder Cynthia Hollen. “We’re ready to introduce drivers to a more connected and efficient in-car shopping experience, and there’s no better way to make our SXSW debut than with the innovative teams at Stellantis and MrBeast Burger.”

The OnMyWay Marketplace features more than 1.2 million retailers, restaurants and quick service stores, as well as virtual kitchens that have thrived in the post-COVID service market. MrBeast Burger is operated by Virtual Dining Concepts, which works with popular influencers and celebrities to develop virtual restaurant brands that connect customers with experiential dining options while expanding the revenue of independent kitchens. MrBeast Burger’s integration onto the OnMyWay Marketplace is powered by hospitality SaaS platform Olo. 

“While MrBeast Burger has always prioritized a digital-first approach to customer service, the virtual nature of the restaurant can make it challenging to organically reach new customers,” says Virtual Dining Concepts CEO Stephanie Sollers. “With OnMyWay Commerce, we now have the perfect digital billboard to market our MrBeast Burger brand to any customer, whether they’re loyal MrBeast fans or just hungry drivers looking for fast, delicious food on the go.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Virtual Dining Concepts and in bringing restaurant ordering to the next new channel,” says Noah Glass, Founder & CEO of Olo. “The future of dining hinges on guests being able to place on-demand orders with their favorite brands from wherever they are, and it’s no surprise that Virtual Dining Concepts is one of the brands leading the industry on this trend.”

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