Industry News | June 20, 2012

Multiplex Introduces Updated Icecore Chiller Systems

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Multiplex, the manufacturer of high capacity beverage dispensing systems for soda and beer, introduces new Icecore 44G and 50G Chillers for even more efficiency to replace the Soda Factory Model 44 and Model 50.

Multiplex Icecore Chillers deliver the same refrigeration for both carbonated water and syrup that has come to be expected from the Soda Factory Model 44 and Model 50 Chillers while reducing energy usage by 30 percent. All water used for cooling drinks is recycled with virtually no waste water for reduced water and sewage expense.

Multiplex remote refrigeration units produce cold carbonated water, and chill incoming water and syrup prior to delivery to the dispensing towers in high-volume systems. Beverages with consistently proper carbonation levels and chilled temperatures lead to improved taste.

All Multiplex beverage systems carry full agency approvals (UL, NSF, ETL), have stainless steel cabinets as standard equipment, and carry two-year parts and labor and five-year refrigeration compressor parts warranties.