Muscle Maker Grill, the rapidly growing fast-casual brand, promoting a healthy lifestyle by offering nutritious alternatives to traditional dishes, announced the launch of its Meal Plan Starter Kits—an easy way for guests to try the already established Meal Plans—now available at all of its nearly 60 locations.

To help those on their journey to healthy eating, Muscle Maker Grill launched the Meal Plan Starter Kits as a supplement to its Meal Plan program where guests can pre-order delicious meals via phone, in-store, or online, available for pick up or delivered right to their door. As part of the Meal Plan Starter Kits, guests will receive one day’s worth of meals consisting of two Muscle Maker Grill entrées of their choosing, a Quest bar, and an Oats and Protein cup with kits starting at $19.95 (prices vary per location). For 1,190 calories, featured dishes include the Tuscon Bowl—grilled chicken breast, turkey bacon over brown rice and zero-carb signature sauce (390 calories)—and the Godfather Bowl— grilled chicken breast, portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, reduced-fat Mozzarella with gluten and fat-free balsamic vinaigrette (365 calories) an Oats N' Protein cup (247 calories), and Quest Nutrition Protein Bar (170 calories).

“We are excited to roll out our new Meal Plan Starter Kits at all of our locations,” says Robert E. Morgan, president and CEO of Muscle Maker Grill. “At Muscle Maker Grill, we are always looking for ways to make healthy eating easy and enjoyable for our customers. Now guests can try our Meal Plan program before having to commit to receiving multiple meals. We believe that once our guests experience our Meal Plans, they will sign on due to the convenience, variety, flavor, and nutrition of the dishes.”

Muscle Maker Grill’s new Meal Plan program is designed to provide a variety of nutritionally balanced dishes suiting all lifestyles available in one to four meals a day, for five to seven days a week. Starting at just $7 per meal (price varies by location), guests can choose from 22 Muscle Maker Grill menu items, such as the Hollywood Salad, grilled chicken breast, turkey bacon, reduced-fat Cheddar, tomatoes, onions, and zero-carb signature dressing over a bed of romaine lettuce; Rocky Balboa Wrap, grilled chicken breast, turkey meatballs, reduced-fat Mozzarella, and marinara in an herb wrap; Tucson Bowl, grilled chicken breast, turkey bacon over brown rice and zero-carb signature sauce; and many more.  

Founded in 1995 by Rod Silva, Muscle Maker Grill provides its guests healthier versions of mainstream-favorite dishes that taste great, making it easy, affordable and enjoyable to eat healthy.  Muscle Maker Grill’s diverse menu was created for everyone – fitness enthusiasts, those starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle, and people trying to eat better while on-the-go.  Providing “Great Food with Your Health in Mind,” Muscle Maker Grill’s menu features items with grass-fed steak and all-natural chicken, as well as options that satisfy all dietary preferences—from vegetarians to the carb-free consumer and guests following a gluten-free diet.  Muscle Maker Grill does not sacrifice taste to serve healthy options.  More than just food, Muscle Maker Grill restaurants are a friendly, relaxed, and social environment where guests can enjoy great-tasting food and engage with fellow health enthusiasts in their area.

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