Leading provider of video-based surveillance and loss prevention services for the hospitality industry, DTT, announced this month several enhancements to its cloud-based, enterprise management portal, MyDTT. After stringent testing across various enterprise customer locations, DTT is making these services available to their current and future customer base. Enhancements include superior exception reporting with the CloudQuery tool, extended video storage, and improved video sharing. 

RISAPlus is a cloud-based, platform-agnostic incident video retrieval method that adds functionality within the MyDTT portal.

“These newer tools have been invaluable in the last year or so that we’ve been testing them,” says Chris DeSaye, IT director for Hillstone Restaurant Group.  “RISAPlus makes it easy for me to view recorded and processed video really quickly and from anywhere, whether I’m sitting at my desk or on the go and accessing from my phone. The fact that I can also share the videos very simply with law enforcement and other involved parties is critical.”

Off-Site Storage (OSS) Plus backs up your valuable data to the Cloud, ensuring added protection for DTT customers. Whether for PCI compliancy or backup protection for your business, OSSPlus will ensure that you have 90 days worth of backup.

Robert Coon, IT director for Sarku Japan, adds “We get a lot of claims that we wouldn’t be able to follow up on without the extended video storage. We don’t always know about issues as soon as they occur so the 90-day window makes us feel a lot more confident about risk and liability overall!”

“These improvements significantly increase DTT’s value offering and provide tools to our customers that make it easy for them to manage stores remotely,” says Tom Moran, executive VP of sales and marketing for DTT.  “I look forward to receiving feedback from our customers across the country about these new offerings and how they’ll impact their businesses.”