Just in time for the warmer months ahead, NaanStop has added several light and refreshing dishes to its menu. NaanStop has been bringing fresh, flavorful dishes to the Atlanta area for more than a decade, and its new offerings, available May 1 to July 1, are sure to delight guests who have grown to know and love the fast casual Indian restaurant.

Co-founders and brothers Neal and Samir Idnani invite guests to enjoy new salads and drinks that are sure to help beat the heat. These items include:

  • Chaat chicken salad – chicken tikka masala and chola (chick peas) with classic “chaat” street food flavors of sweet, creamy and slightly spicy, served on a bed of spring mix
  • Spiced watermelon – a unique Indian street food taste experience combining juicy, sweet watermelon with tangy spices
  • Rosewater lemonade – a delightful blend of tartness and subtle floral notes from the rosewater, creating a uniquely refreshing beverage that’s both aromatic and delicious

NaanStop’s recipes have been passed down through generations, starting with the Idnani brothers’ grandmother. They aim to make Indian food more accessible to Atlantans by showcasing simple, delicious and healthy dishes. Their bowls, wraps and salads have been a hit since their start as a food truck in Los Angeles. Spring’s new offerings join a list of beloved items like chicken tikka masala, gobi and masala fries.

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