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    Naked Juice Adds to Its Antioxidants Line

  • Industry News January 27, 2009
    Naked Juice announced today new products that pack a powerful antioxidant punch. Joining the Naked Juice line-up are Acai Machine juice smoothie and Pomegranate juice, both antioxidant-rich and all-natural, 100 percent juice containing no added sugar or preservatives.

    These two new products are loaded with antioxidants, which naturally help defend and protect the body against free radicals -- molecules that can attack and damage your cells.

    The latest addition to the popular line of "Machine" smoothies, Acai Machine, includes a whopping 178 acai berries in every 15.2 ounce bottle. The drink also includes added antioxidant benefits of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as elderberry, beet, black currant, and grape seed extracts. Naked Juice Pomegranate contains more than 4 California pomegranates per bottle.

    The brand's antioxidant family already includes Pomegranate Acai, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Cherry Pomegranate Power.