Starting on September 22, National Voter Registration Day, customers will be able to order voter-registration forms directly from the menu at every Nando’s PERi-PERi in the United States. (For free, of course.) It’s all part of a mad dash to increase participation in democracy during the most crucial presidential election in modern times.

Every Nando’s restaurant in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and Chicago also will set aside designated voter-registration stations from Tuesday Sept. 22 to Friday Sept. 25. Nando’s will provide customers with localized voter registration forms and all the information they need to quickly and accurately get off the sidelines and register to vote.

“At Nando’s we believe people should have their say. Whether it’s lemon and herb, medium or hot PERi-PERi sauce—or choosing who will steer this country into the future—voting truly counts,” says John Fisher, CEO of Nando’s PERi-PERi USA. “We’ve spread this message internally and are making it easy for every employee to do their part come November 3rd.

With 42 locations in the US, Nando’s will serve as a COVID-safe voter-registration resource hub in every community it serves. When customers order spicy flame-grilled chicken from the Nando’s app, from a food-delivery service, or in-person at a restaurant, the menu will read: “Voter Registration Form: Free.” Any customer who clicks on the menu item will be presented with a voter-registration application, along with their tasty meals. 

In addition, Nando’s will hand out voter-resource flyers, in stores and in takeout bags, showing prospective voters how to quickly update their voter-registration status online. And, on Election Day, Nando’s will provide free catered meals to poll workers in Nando’s USA communities, as a thank-you to our dedicated poll-working volunteers.

For staff, Nando’s also will:

Provide thousands of Nando’s employees, or Nandocas, with paid time off to vote

Dedicate time and resources to educate Nandocas how to register, vote early, and safely vote at home or in-person

Provide free transportation to the polls on Election Day, for all Nandocas who need it

“At Nando’s, we’ve put voting on the menu because we originated in South Africa. We were there in 1994 when millions of South Africans had their voices heard for the first time. Voting is a right and should never be taken for granted,” says Sepanta Bagherpour, Nando’s Chief Brand Officer. “This is not the election to sit one out.”

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