National Chemicals, Inc. proudly announces its partnership with BarProducts, a leading distributor in the bar industry, to distribute Vantage Duo, a revolutionary non-caustic biodegradable beer line cleaner, making this cutting-edge cleaning solution easily available nationwide. 

“Caustic chemicals can cause serious injuries such as mouth, throat, and esophageal damage,” said Murl Landman, President and CEO of National Chemicals, Inc. “Vantage Duo offers a safer alternative without compromising cleaning quality, significantly reducing risks for bars and restaurants.”

“BarProducts’ unparalleled reach and expertise in the beverage industry make them the ideal partner for Vantage Duo,”  added Landman. “We are confident that together we will deliver exceptional value and safety to our customers.”

With a triple zero health and safety rating, Vantage Duo’s biodegradable formula eliminates the severe risks of caustic chemicals, allowing operators to take control of their cleaning processes. This innovative product ensures safe, effective cleaning, reducing liability for establishments.