The brainchild founder Chris Eby, boasting 25 years of business experience in sales, marketing, operations and startups – including 10 of those years specializing in franchising—National Franchise Resales, LLC  has launched as the first of its kind in the franchising industry, representing the only one-stop-shop for target buy a franchise/sell a franchise demographics with professionals throughout the U.S. ready to assist them. Eby and his staff envision National Franchise Resales’ website as a “resource center” to be used across the industry by all franchise concepts as a portal for their buyers and sellers.

“Over the last decade, the franchising industry has grown immensely, and with that growth has come an increase in the number of people selling their franchises,”explains Eby. “When the need to research the resale options for franchising manifested, I realized that there were only a handful of options available for the franchisees to assist them with the sale; and while there are several websites that offer varying levels of support and provide the service of listing the business and generating leads for the seller, there is a fee associated with the listing. The other, and most common option for selling a business, is for people to hire a business broker.  Unfortunately, the cost can be somewhat extravagant – the average commission for a business broker hovers around the 10-percent-of-sale price mark. In response, we have created an innovative program that allows the franchisees to sell their business with no fees.”

In addition to this benefit, Jacksonville, Florida-based National Franchise Resales provides franchisees with instructions regarding how to sell their business and the resources they need to assist with the sale, including business valuations, attorneys and accountants. By using just the services they need, says Eby, sellers can save a “substantial amount” of money on the transaction as opposed to using a broker.

In branding itself as the ideal online destination for buyers, National Franchise Resales is also promoting new development opportunities, including helping those interested in starting a franchise from scratch gain the ability to shop a variety of franchise concepts across a plethora of industries. As with the sellers, National Franchise Resales provides the buyers with the steps in the process and the resources they will need to assist them. Buyer resources include business plan writing, lenders, self-directed 401K experts, lawyers, accountants and business insurance.

National Franchise Resales, LLCis located at 50 North Laura Street Suite 2500 in Jacksonville and can be reached by calling (904) 712-1100. For more information visit or email

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