Native Foods Cafe launches its first seasonal menu celebrating spring produce on Tuesday, April 14 at each of its 26 locations nationwide. This new menu will run through July, when the summer menu takes its place, and is offered alongside the daily menu of 100-percent plant-based dishes.

California Avocados, in season from spring to early fall, are featured in the Avocado Crunch Wrap, a dish previously offered as a popular special, and Chips, Salsa & Guacamole. Native Foods Cafe also highlights organic strawberries in the Chocolate Strawberry Parfait and Strawberry Lemonade. In addition, a Chimichurri Chop Salad features an array of roasted spring vegetables.

Full Seasonal Menu Includes:

·      Avocado Crunch Wrapfor $10.59 with coconut-battered crispy avocados, mango slaw, and jalapeno-cilantro dressing, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and served with fries

·      Chimichurri Chop Saladfor $8.99 with romaine and roasted spring vegetables, tossed with croutons and chimichurri dressing with a ranch drizzle

·      Chips, Salsa & Guacamolefor $5.99 with freshly prepared corn tortilla chips, salsa fresca, and guacamole

·      Chocolate Strawberry Parfaitfor $3.99 with layered ripe organic strawberries, almond crema, and chocolate cupcake chunks

·      Strawberry Lemonade for $2.79 with lemons, sugar, lavender, sea salt, and strawberries

Native Foods Cafe was founded in 1994. Today, Native Foods Cafe has grown to become America's premier fast-casual vegan restaurant group spanning coast-to-coast with 26 locations. Native Foods Cafe's food is made fresh daily—from homemade tempeh and seitan, to Native Cheese, to sauces and drinks, dressings, and desserts, and is 100-percent plant-based.


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