Paytronix Systems announced that vegan fast-casual brand Native Foods has launched a brand-new mobile app and rewards program built on the Paytronix platform. The new Native Foods app allows guests to place orders for takeout or delivery — with the same menu-item pricing as dine-in, lower than what you’ll find on the delivery apps. Members of the Native Foodie Rewards program can use the app to earn and redeem rewards, receive gifts and special offers, and be the first to know about new menu items and limited-time offers.

Building upon more than 25 years of culture, Native Foods needed a mobile app to take control of mobile ordering in a streamlined way that engages guests more personally.

“Our old loyalty program had been strained to the limit, so we designed a new app and rewards program that’s more convenient than ever to bring better rewards, offers, and discounts to our loyal guests,” says Native Foods CEO Carin Stutz. “Paytronix delivered, with a dynamic digital platform that will continue to evolve with Native Foods and our guests. We now have the ability to communicate with our guests on one platform instead of the multiple sites required before. We can drill into the data at any level to understand and engage with our customers, all on a single platform.”

The new Native Foods app is at the center of the new rewarding experience, offering a convenient way to earn and redeem rewards, receive special offers, and place custom food orders for takeout or delivery. New members receive a $10 bonus, redeemable after they spend their first $15.

“Native Foods is a great example of what we see happening across the industry. With a third of food orders coming in digitally, brands must create engaging, branded, digital experiences that keep customers coming back,” says Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins. “What’s more, both the digital and physical experiences connect brands to the loyalty programs that drive results. Loyalty programs consistently boost visits and spend by between 18% and 30%.”

Existing loyalty members can transfer points to the new program, and more than 19,000 members have already engaged with the system in the initial weeks of the launch. Download the app or visit the Native Foods website, then “log in” on the app’s welcome page and follow the instructions

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