Just in time for the sugar rush of the holiday season and the new year’s resolutions that are sure to follow, an exciting new product is available. Swerve is an all-natural sweetener with zero calories and zero glycemic index. It does not cause any gastrointestinal problems or have a bitter aftertaste as many other sweeteners do.

“Swerve is the perfect product for diabetics and anyone interested in lowering caloric content or glycemic index of their favorite indulgences,” says Catherine Wilbert, N.D., founder and Swerve product formulator at PhytoCeutical Formulations.

Swerve is made from the fibrous parts of fruits and vegetables through a natural enzyme process that yields the white crystals. Not a single chemical process is used in the making of Swerve.

Unlike some other commercially manufactured natural sweeteners, Swerve is an FDA-approved food product and lists all nutritional facts on its packaging.

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