“This is a great opportunity to showcase our brand and company in a very popular program,” says Ken Calwell, chief marketing officer, Domino’s Pizza. “We’re the first pizza company to be featured on the show, which ranks in the top 10 most viewed television shows by our customers.”

During the airing of Domino’s episode of “The Apprentice,” Domino’s is encouraging groups to host viewing parties and order pizza to get into the spirit of the episode. Many stores will be offering pizza specials, including the 555 Deal: three medium one-topping pizzas for $5 each.

“Partnering with a piping hot television show like “The Apprentice” presents a great opportunity to reinforce our connection with popular culture,” Calwell says. “We are thrilled with the affiliation that links our brand with hip, young consumers.”

On an average Thursday night, Domino’s delivers more than 750,000 pizzas to homes nationwide. Domino’s Pizza hopes to increase its sales through its affiliation with “The Apprentice,” as hungry viewers gather around the television to watch the Domino’s task.

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