NCR Voyix Corporation (NYSE: VYX), a leading global provider of digital commerce solutions for the retail, restaurant and banking industries, announced its debut following the spin-off of its ATM-focused businesses.

NCR Voyix offers comprehensive platform-driven technology and solutions that serve a diversified customer base, ranging from small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large multinational organizations, around the world. The debut of the streamlined organization will enable NCR Voyix to accelerate its platform conversions, expand its services and deepen customer relationships, while also capturing additional market share.

“NCR Voyix launches from a position of strength as the market-leading provider of mission-critical digital commerce solutions for retailers, restaurants and financial institutions,” says NCR Voyix CEO David Wilkinson. “Our strong base of blue-chip customers will continue to benefit from our end-to-end solutions, which will be further enhanced by the strategic focus and operational agility of our new organization. As we enter this next phase and execute on our strategy, we will be able to deliver solid growth, profitability and value creation for our shareholders.”

NCR Voyix begins from a position of strength.

NCR Voyix is the market leader in its core segments

o   #1 position in self-checkout for 20 years running

o   #1 provider of point-of-sale software in retail and restaurants

o   #1 provider of digital banking applications

NCR Voyix generates strong recurring and diversified revenue

o   Nearly $4 billion in total revenue

o   Recurring revenue of $2.1 billion, approximately 55% of total revenue

o   Software and services generate approximately $2.5 billion, or nearly 2/3, of total revenue

NCR Voyix is a global company with a presence in 35 countries

o   16,000 employees, including 2,200 field service personnel

To learn more about NCR Voyix, visit the company’s new website,

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