Nékter Juice Bar, the pioneering leader of the fresh, authentic and 100% real juice bar experience, introduces three new initiatives this month to help support its guests’ healthy living resolutions throughout the year, including a new line of Slender Blender smoothies, a 21-day, 20% Off “Keep it Real” Challenge, and a discounted annual Cleanse subscription plan.

Available now in Nékter Juice Bar’s across the country, Nékter’s new line of metabolism-boosting, high-fiber, lower-calorie “Slender Blender” superfood smoothies are freshly made just like its handcrafted functional and traditional smoothies. Each Slender Blender smoothie has less than 400 calories and includes Nékter’s new Metabolism Blend booster that helps burn fat, boost energy, and curb unwanted cravings.

Nékter’s new Slender Blender superfood smoothies include:

Strawberry Banana Protein Slender Blender: a light and refreshing blend of strawberries, banana, peanut butter, vanilla protein, coconut flakes, housemade cashew milk, agave nectar and Nékter ’s new Metabolism Boost.

Avocado Dream Slender Blender: a rich and delicious combination of avocado, spinach, banana, green apple, orange, coconut flakes, acerola cherry, agave nectar, and Metabolism Boost.

Up Beet Slender Blender: a detoxifying option for health enthusiasts with strawberries, beet, orange, red apple, celery, acerola cherry, ginger, and Metabolism Boost.

This month, Nékter also launched a “Keep it Real” challenge to encourage guests to make a conscious effort to swap one processed or unhealthy food for something “real.” With a purchase of any Nékter Cleanse, guests will receive 20% off any Fresh Menu Item each day for the next 21 days, including the new Slender Blenders or any freshly made juice, smoothie or bowl. 

With many of its guests looking to cleanse their bodies of toxins at the start of the New Year, Nékter wants to make it as easy as possible to stay on track for the long-term by launching its first annual subscription plan where guests can receive one Classic Cleanse or Celery Detox Cleanse per month for just $360 per year. 

“It’s no secret that New Year’s Resolutions are very difficult to sustain, so we want our guests to avoid setting unrealistic expectations and instead incorporate a few, simple ‘health hacks’ that can lead to sustainable, lifelong healthy living habits,” says Steve Schulze, co-founder and CEO, Nékter Juice Bar. “Our new Slender Blenders, 21-day 20% off challenge, and new annual subscription plan are meant to make it easy for people to make better eating choices in 2022.”

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