Industry News | September 25, 2013

Nemco Expands Strip Heater Line

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Foodservice operations of nearly any type, size, volume, or market segment can find the food-warming solution they need inside Nemco Food Equipment’s recently expanded line of infrared strip heaters.


Inspired by its sharply rising popularity as a high-performance, price-competitive option among even the most long-recognized names in food-warming equipment, Nemco has introduced a series of new models, offering various feature combinations and sizes.


Punctuating the new lineup are Nemco’s strip heaters with conventional incandescent bulbs that augment the calrod heater, adding a white light that showcases the dish on display, while the infrared effectively holds the food at optimum serving temperatures.


Operators can choose between a single- or dual-bulb option for variable-sized heat zones, and a standard on/off or infinite-temperature-control option. They can also choose among a hanging, base-mount or pass-through orientation to meet different counter space limitations or functional preferences.


Still other strip-heater options include a remote temperature-control feature and a plug-and-cord power supply that facilitates immediate setup with no hard-wiring necessary.


All of these feature choices are available in units that range in length from 24 to 72 inches, and all boast anodized aluminum-extrusion housings, aluminized-steel reflectors, and shatterproof bulbs for lasting durability.


Nemco is a long-standing innovator in food-equipment design and manufacturing, specializing in the development of counter-top equipment solutions that actualize new food concepts or address specific kitchen needs. Everything in the full Nemco line is made in the USA.

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