Nemco Food Equipment, a foodservice industry leader in food prep and other countertop applications, has acquired Ft. Wayne, Indiana’s, Meister Cook, LLC, a custom food equipment designer that has developed a range of proprietary solutions for large restaurant chains throughout North America.

With the acquisition, Nemco gains Meister Cook’s Hot Hold series of dry/moist food warmers that instantly take the Nemco food-holding line into new kitchen spaces—particularly right on the plate-prep assembly line, where labor-strapped operators are looking to optimize order-fulfillment speed without sacrificing food quality.

Unlike other equipment alternatives, Meister Cook’s Hot Hold units feature energy-efficient ThermalBreeze technology that uses a “thermal air curtain” and a combination of radiant and recirculated convection heat. The resulting effect maximizes both the crispy and moist attributes of a wide range of cooked foods, while holding them at their ideal temperatures over an extended period of time.

“We’d been looking to expand into this kind of food-holding application for some time, as many of our customers continue to express a growing market need for a new solution here,” explains Nemco president Michelle Wibel. “Meister Cook’s Hot Hold is a great performer and a great fit for us. We couldn’t be more thrilled to add this capability to our product offering.”

Wibel adds that Nemco already has intentions to further develop the features and capacity range of the existing Hot Hold line. Right off the bat, however, operators have two model options that each hold four standard 1/3-size pans. One model holds a 2.5”-deep pan in all four cavities, while the other holds 2.5”-deep pans in the top two cavities and two 4”-deep pans in the bottom.

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