Expand your dessert menu with the full line of popular NESTLÉ Branded Dessert Ingredients.


With so many tempting options, operators can enrich their dessert offerings in time for National Dessert Month this October by creating profitable treats made with BUTTERFINGER, NESTLÉ Crunch, and WONKA NERDS candy pieces. They compliment ice cream, frozen yogurt, and baked goods.


With decades of rich history, BUTTERFINGER, NESTLÉ Crunch, and WONKA NERDS candy pieces transport customers back to childhood memories, where imagination is limitless,” says Jeanne Hui, marketing manager for NESTLÉ Branded Dessert Ingredients. “Nostalgia and brand recognition are powerful tools for foodservice operators and keep customers coming back again and again.”


Celebrating around 90 years, BUTTERFINGER has established a strong trust with consumers. Operators can take advantage of this anniversary milestone and the brand recognition. In fact, BUTTERFINGER and NESTLÉ Crunch have 98 percent recognition amongst foodservice consumers.


NESTLÉ Crunch candy pieces combine rich milk chocolate and crisped rice. Since 1938, NESTLÉ Crunch has been bringing out the kid in people all over the world. For a dash of color on desserts, sprinkle fan favorite WONKA NERDS on top.

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