Starting this month, Nestlé TollHouse Cafés across the country are serving up seasonal drink items including:

Smoothies – Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Mango Berry, Banana Berry Coconut, Tropical Mixed Berry, Blueberry Banana, Berry Peach, Strawberry Colada, or Pineapple Peach.

Flavored Lemonades – Featuring old-fashioned Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade made with fresh strawberries.

Toll House Mocha Frappes – Coffee drinks cream-blended with a choice of Nestlé Crunch or Butterfingerpieces, pecans, caramel or NestléToll House cookie crumbles, topped with whipped cream.

Iced Latte – This espresso drink is mixed with milk and ice, and can be customized with a shot of vanilla or hazelnut.

Iced Mocha – Mixed with chocolate, milk, and ice, this is topped off with whipped cream.

“Our signature Toll House chocolate chip cookies are the crown jewels of our cafés, and our premium roast coffees combine to create the perfect pick-me-up. But our menu goes much deeper, and we’re always rolling out delectable new treats for our guests,” says Shawnon Bellah, senior vice president of global operations for Nestlé Toll House Café. “People looking for healthy ways to re-energize will love our fruit smoothies. When it’s time for a chocolate fix, our Toll House Mocha Frappe delivers the best of Nestlé in one scrumptious drink. Either way, these refreshing treats are sure to please.”

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