With the recent opening of their new location in Watauga, Mooyah Burgers & Fries is entering a new phase of business. Mooyah is introducing a greatly enhanced branding strategy with the Watauga location opening, complete with unique mural artwork and other creative touches that set the scene for the complete Mooyah experience.

“In this business, you have to deliver a complete experience,” says newly announced Mooyah President Alan Hixon, former president and CEO of Freebirds World Burrito. “The food is first and foremost. That has to be magnificent, but then you have to have the cultural pieces in place. It’s also critical to have an over-the-top service level. But you also have to have an unusual, creative and very stimulating environment. It’s so important to have all three of those pieces aligned and working in concert with each other. If you don’t deliver any one of those to your guests, you’re not getting the job done.”

Hixon has contracted with Great Big Signs to create unique murals and artwork in each Mooyah location, with the first mural design being created at the new Watauga location. Great Big Signs created much of the famed, award-winning artwork in many Freebirds World Burrito locations during Hixon’s tenure there. Following the opening of the Watauga location, future and existing Mooyah locations will be customized with murals and artwork created by Great Big Signs and Mooyah’s in-house creative team.

“This is our first step in enhancing this brand: creating this new, artistic environment,” Hixon said. “We are in the entertainment business in addition to being in the food business. We want to have our own magic within our own four walls. We’re working to create something very unique and stunning.”
Mooyah’s new concept restaurant is located at 8004 Denton Highway in Watauga. The company has recently enjoyed rapid growth, opening five new stores in the past six months, with three more locations slated to open in the next three months. Mooyah’s Dallas/Fort Worth area stores include locations in Plano, Addison, Coppell, Little Elm, Euless, and Watauga. In the Houston area, Mooyah has locations in Katy/Cinco Ranch, and Webster, and the restaurant also has an Austin location. Future store locations include Pearland, Allen, and Frisco.