After opening its first location in La Porte, Texas, in 2008, Bullritos is opening its sixth location in Houston. The chain, founded by Gringo’s owner, Russell Ybarra, serves burritos (bullritos), tacos, and bowls (bullritos without tortillas). This is the third franchised Bullritos location for Rob Johnson and John Carlew.

Bullritos’ specialties—burritos, bowls, and tacos—are loaded with any combination of freshly grilled and prepared meats, two styles of rice, three options of beans (all vegetarian), chile con queso, freshly-cut veggies, and mild to spicy salsas. To create a “Custom Bull,” patrons indicate their order by marking their desired style and ingredients on bull bags with red markers. Burristas create the bullrito, bowl, or tacos, and put them in the bag for the guest to “run with it,” emphasizing the “bag ‘n’ go” concept.

Ybarra, who founded Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen in 1993 and currently operates eight locations, thought of Bullritos’ “quick-casual” concept after running with the bulls through the streets of Pamplona, Spain. No young bull to the restaurant world, Ybarra has seen Gringo’s become one of the most successful Tex-Mex restaurant chains in Houston. Ybarra hopes to continue this tradition of excellence through the Bullritos franchises, holding true to Gringo’s company philosophy “to serve the highest quality Mexican food, at the lowest price possible!”

Bullritos has also made a commitment to helping each surrounding community where a franchise is located. Its “Charit-a-bull” Event program allows various community organizations to raise funds through the restaurant, earning 20 percent from all orders by using special flyers.

“We really want to impact more communities in a positive way with every new Bullritos location,” Ybarra says. “The philosophy behind Bullritos has always been to deliver delicious food with the finest ingredients as well as to give back to the community.”

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