What may be the world’s most famous, ever-changing slogan is about to evolve once more, and this time the commercials aren’t all that’s new at McDonald’s. “‘We Love to See You Smile’ is not just a slogan,” says Larry Zwain, senior vice president of marketing for McDonald’s. “It’s a theme for the whole operating system; it reflects the new pride and enthusiasm of our operators and crew.”

Over the past two years, McDonald’s conducted an intense overhaul of its restaurants nationwide. The company has pumped billions into new technology, renovations, and training. With competition and financial reports keeping the company on its toes, emphasis is now on faster and more accurate DriveThru service, a greater variety of products on the menu, and the new “Made for You” kitchen systems.

SIDEBAR: McDonald’s Taglines and U.S. Milestones

Re-training for crew members prescribes friendly smiles and positive attitudes, complimented by new uniforms. “When customers walk into a McDonald’s,” explains Zwain, “they walk into our brand. But they don’t see the good intentions of management—they see the crew behind the counter. The crew is the heart and soul of the brand.”