Captain’s new Fish & Chips promotion features four munchable pieces of hand-battered fish in a lunch-size combo with fries, hushpuppies, and a 22-ounce drink for $3.99. And, to give consumers a taste of nostalgia, the Fish & Chips combo is served on newsprint with a packet of malt vinegar for added flavor and portability.

“Many people experienced their first seafood dinner over a plate of fish and chips and who better to recreate that experience than Captain D’s,” says Charles Bruce, senior vice president of marketing. “Plus, we’re making it easy for consumers on the run to grab and go by wrapping up the fish and chips in newsprint, along with a packet of malt vinegar, to complete the experience.”

In addition to the lunch-size combo, Captain D’s is also offering a dinner-size portion of Fish & Chips along with a 22-ounce drink for $5.99.

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