Industry News | September 26, 2007

New CEO at Taco John's

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The Taco John’s International Board of Directors has appointed Barry Sims as the company’s chief executive officer. The announcement follows the promotion of Sims to president early in 2007 after Paul Fisherkeller announced his retirement. Fisherkeller had served as Taco John’s President and CEO for 10 years.

In this expanded role, Sims will lead growth initiatives for the company that include updating all Taco John’s facilities to a fresh, bold look that aligns with the company’s West-Mex® branding program.

Sims, 51, joined Taco John’s in 1986 and has served in various capacities, most recently as executive vice president and CFO. “Taco John’s has been my home for over twenty years and I’m honored to contribute to the future success of our brand,” said Sims. “It’s a privilege to work with such devoted owners, franchisees and employees all focused on the growth of our company.”


i also work in a store in north platte only i have problems with the manager she has showed up drunk and passed out in the bathroom she has also showed up late or not at all to open in the morning and i heard from other (employees) that corprate has gotten her (the manager) drunk resulting in our manager to not show up on time for her opening shift when corprate was confronted about it he did nothing i find this very disappointing and hard to work in this atmosphere i feel that the manager should set an example for everyone else and work hard and not putting her duties on everyone else

who is new CEO Simms is no longer the CEO?

Did Taco Ohns get a CEO they have been without a leader for sometime. They announced last year barry Simms would be leaving and never replaced him? Are they tanking?

i have heard no one wants the job.

I have heard no one will take the job. Their managmant concil has truly screwed things up. They actually told the CEO a year in advance and never started looking until after he was gone LOl

just saying the new taco johns ads are asking people to LIE to say they are some where and then go to other place just to get taco's

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