Embracing the philosophy that the most effective ads are unexpected and compelling, Todd Turner and Richard Molinaro have launched Up To Something, a Charlotte, N.C.-based creative agency that serves clients throughout the country.

Targeting the quick-serve and fast-casual restaurant market, the duo has an extensive history working with some of the biggest names in the industry, including McDonald’s, Hungry Howies, Bojangles, Sonic, Tarka Indian Kitchen, and more. After meeting in 2019 as art directors for Outfront Media, Turner (based in Chicago) and Molinaro (based in Houston) began collaborating remotely. Soon after, they found a niche specializing in out of home (OOH) advertising, including billboards, digital billboards, street furniture, murals, buses, rail systems and subways, airports, taxicabs, and more.

“We are excited about launching Up To Something as there is so much potential for growing restaurant chains to make their brand the first one that consumers think of,” says Turner. “We look forward to expanding our reach beyond the markets of the media companies that employed us and to taking OOH to its maximum potential for clients nationwide.”

With over 20 years of experience under their belts, the power duo seeks to use Up To Something to bring OOH creative ads to new levels, leveraging their talents to show clients how to surpass their goals and break new barriers. They can do everything from creating a single billboard to a short-term campaign, as well as providing initial concepts to full project execution. 

“We help brands gain an unfair advantage with OOH advertising,” adds Molinaro. “Creative OOH ads can help smaller brands outsmart and underspend their larger competitors. We believe billboards are so much more than a print ad on a stick and that they should be recognized from miles away. They can be an unignorable event for all to experience.” 

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