For some time now businesses have been taking advantage of the Internet to grow their brand through social networks, and now there is a Web site specifically designed for restaurants, bars, and clubs. The site aims to attract businesses to list their information on

There are two massive social networks that rule the Internet; Facebook and MySpace. They, however, were designed for people to socialize and not for businesses. While both are working to add business oriented information to the Web site there is still much to be desired.

To fix the problem a college student named Oscar Waczynski from Delaware created a Web site that combines elements of all the social networks but geared toward the food and beverage industry.

What he came up with is a free service that allows businesses to upload a ‘profile’ which then people find, review, and favorite them.

There are no ads and nothing to distract visitors from finding the information they want.

Businesses post the basic; name, address, phone number, and categories (up to 3 to choose), and there is also room to post more like events, weekly specials, and an entire menu.

The Web site is supported by a paid subscription for $20 a month which allows businesses to take advantage of their very own Intranet. With it a business can take advantage of online scheduling, contacts list, employee calendar, and unlimited picture uploads to name a few.

Future plans involve Facebook integration of user’s reviews, online ordering, as well as table reservation. With the economic downturn in effect this comes at a great time as businesses pinch their wallets for advertising, and people choose more wisely where to spend their money.

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