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    New Food Conference Addresses Food Of The Future

  • Industry News August 29, 2013

    Marlin Network invites leaders from every sector of the food industry to attend the first aggregated food supply conference. Focused squarely on the future, the Food2053 Conference is set for October 21–23 in San Francisco at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel.

    Food2053 will address the big question that all channels of the food industry face today: How will we nutritiously, responsibly, and profitably continue to feed the world population in the future?

    In the next forty years, world population is set to breach 9 billion people, seemingly impossible to feed without some dramatic change. Food2053 seeks to ignite a conversation about solving this issue in a creative and practical way.  

    “This is the first conference of its kind—gathering people who have the power to create change from across the food spectrum to discuss the future of food,” says Doug Austin, senior vice president of growth and innovation at Marlin Network. “Our goal is to begin shaping the future of food by focusing on the consumer first. We need real, actionable solutions to feed the growing population of tomorrow in a way that everyone can feel good about.”

    Designed for CEOs and leaders, Food2053 will gather experts in the food industry, from agriculture and food manufacturing to grocery and foodservice.

    As attendees learn insights from knowledgeable speakers, they will be encouraged to collaborate and brainstorm how to plan for a future where we all focus on producing food that is healthy and good for the planet, while still producing profits.

    Attendees will take part in a proven innovation process to help build a better future of food and leave having identified the top five areas of influence that can change their individual businesses today.

    Register before August 31 to qualify for the early-bird discount and save $200.

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